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ECOWEB's Concerns

EcoWEB’s work that started in 2006 addresses four inter-linking challenges in the areas covered: poverty, strained social relations, degraded environment and poor governance, as defined in its Human-Ecosystem Development Framework that is cognizant as well of the connections between the local, national, international and global issues that include climate change, among others.


Vision, Mission and Goals

EcoWEB envisions “A Peaceful and Progressive Society Living in a Safe Environment,” and aims to progress toward its realization by fulfilling its mission: “Building Partnerships, Empowering Communities,” by working to achieve  four (4) major goals:

  1.   Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Action (DRR-CA)
  2.   Peace Action for Community Empowerment (PEACE)
  3.        Sustainable Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction
  4.   Human Rights Action and Good Governance (HRaGG)


Programs and Services

EcoWEB has four (4) major programs which are being implemented in an integrated manner at the community level.  These are:

1. Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Action (DRR-CA)

EcoWEB works for localizing response to global concerns such as climate change and the increasing vulnerability of communities to both natural and human-made hazards. This programme promotes Community-Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR), watershed & ecosystems-based approach in addressing hazards and vulnerabilities of communities and in initiating climate change adaptation and mitigations measures. It works for mainstreaming DRR in Local Government land use and development planning and in community-based biodiversity conservation and sustainable natural resources management. It also capacitates community and local structures for establishing Early Warning Systems and disaster preparedness enhancement.

2. Peace Action for Community Empowerment (PEACE)

EcoWEB advocates for Peace at the different levels of society by employing creative strategies such as Cinema for Peace and Historical Journey, among others. At the grassroots level, Peace Actions focus on transforming resource-based conflicts and raising people’s awareness about peace concepts. The program also advocates for mainstreaming peace-building and conflict transformation concepts in local government development planning and programming. 

3. Sustainable Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction

EcoWEB promotes sustainable management and development of natural resources such as oil, forest, water and minerals, among others to ensure sustainability of livelihood communities. It promotes food productivity enhancements using sustainable agriculture technologies and develops community social enterprises following value-chain approach. This is implemented integrating as well the concerns for the environment gender and peace building.

4. Human Rights Action and Good Governance (HRaGG)

EcoWEB upholds the rights to Development and Security of Indigenous People (IP) and Internally Displaced People (IDP) and advocates the participatory, transparent and accountable governance. The program supports the claiming of rights of IPs of their ancestral domain and its sustainable development and management. It also works for the protection of the rights of the IDPs – their access to humanitarian services and support for recovery and rehabilitation needs to restore access to portable water, shelter and livelihoods. This also works for the representation of IPs, IDPs, and other basic sectors to local special bodies and the mainstreaming of major advocacies such as Peace, DRR, Gender and Poverty Reduction in local government planning and development processes. 


Focus Group and Area of Operation

EcoWEB’s Programs and projects are focused in the marginalized and vulnerable communities to natural and human-induced hazards.  It particularly works with traditional structures of the Indigenous People (IP) and community-based organizations of conflict-affected communities of Moro, Visayans and IPs, women, farmers and youth.

Area of operation covers the provinces of Lanao del Norte, Misamis Oriental and Zamboanga del Sur in the North-Western Mindanao region of the Philippines.


Donors, Partners and Networks

EcoWEB partners with local, national and international groups and institutions, and also taps the support of individuals to help support its operation. International partners and donors include the Catholic Agency for Overseas development (CAFOD), GIZ, Mennonite Central Committee and others through partnership with agencies like the Act for Peace Programme of the Philippine Government, which is also supported by the UNDP and EU.

EcoWEB also partners with the local government units in its areas of operation, national government agencies through its local offices, and other civil society organizations including NGOs, faith-based and religious organizations, and academic institutions.

EcoWEB is a member of local and  national networks such as the Philippines Social Enterprise Network (PhilSEN), Philippine Federation for Environmental Concerns (PFEC), Safer Homes Coalition, among others. EcoWEB is also an active member of the Beyond 2015 campaign that advocates for an inclusive and sustainable post-2015 development framework.