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Civil Society in Kolambugan participate in national budgeting and planning process

Cherlita Amores disucssing issues on BUB during CSO Assembly in KolambuganOn Oct 14, 2014 the first Municipal CSO assembly in Lanao del Norte for the Grassroots Participatory Planning for 2016 was done in the municipality of Kolambugan which was participated by more than 40 CSO leaders from the sectors of farmers, fisherfolks, women, youth, senior citizen, among others. Groups of the 4Ps and NGOs, among others, were also represented.

As the elected Lanao del Norte Provincial Focal Person (PFP) of the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), EcoWEB Executive Director Regina "Nanette" Antequisa helped co-facilitate the workshop together with PFP alternates Edna Arnoco of PASAKA and Carmela Arienza of CHARM. 

The event was mainly facilitated by the DILG Community Mobilizer (CM) for GPP, Dr. Warlito Sanguila, and assisted by the DILG municipal officer. The event was graced by the Municipal Mayor Lorenzo Manigos who appreciated much the help of BUB/GPBP in addressing poverty situation in the municipality.


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EcoWEB facilitates CSO participation in Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process

The Aquino government in relation to its commitment to reduce poverty incidence in the Philippines has initiated the Bottoms-up Budgeting (BUB) Process now called Grassroots Participatory Budgeting Process (GPBP) that started in 2013. A total of PhP 8.4B for 2013 and PhP 20B for 2014 or a total of P28.4 B has been allocated for so far for this program. The PhP 20B for 2014 will fund 19,533 projects identified in 1,226 local government units. Allocation is expected to increase for 2015 and 2016.

EcoWEB is participating in 3 areas within region 10: in Iligan City and in the municipalities of Naawan and Kolambugan in the provinces of Misamis Oriental and Lanao del Norte respectively. However, for Iligan City, the 2013 budget allocation was not accessed due to inaction of the local government, thus, the CSO spearheaded the process to access the 2014 budget. The three localities have about 70 LPRAP Projects for 2014 with total worth of P67M identified by a total of 150 CSOs participating in the process. In 2013, Naawan and Kolambugan had accessed PhP 15M and PhP 9M respectively. New list of projects has been prepared for 2015 and to follow will be for 2016 and 2017.

EcoWEB co-chairs the Local Poverty Reduction Action Teams (LPRAT) in Iligan City with the mayor as the chair. It is also a member of the LPRATs in Naawan and Kolambugan.

The Local Poverty Reduction Action Teams (LPRAT) plays a major role in identifying projects for the GPBP under the Poverty Reduction Action Program (LPRAP) of the government.  The LPRAT is represented 50-50 by CSO and Local Government Unit (LGU) which number varies in each place. Iligan has 24, Naawan 36 and Kolambugan 20 LPRAT members where 50% are civil society representatives. The LPRAT will propose projects for poverty reduction to a maximum total of P50M for cities and P15M for municipalities. The proposed projects will be allocated with budget thru the assigned national government agencies where the project fits under its menu list of projects. Once the budget is approved, community-based organizations (CBO’s) within the jurisdiction of the LGU will propose specific projects based on the list submitted by the LPRAT. 


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