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Inclusive and accountable governance for me means those who would be affected of the consequences of the action should not only be consulted but be involved in the planning and policy-making process for they know better what works for them and not. The BBL has undergone years of process, it may not be perfect but I believe, the peace panels from both the government and the MILF have done all their best to come up with a win-win solution to the decades-old Mindanao problem. Our history could also tell us what lessons should be learned. While the intention of arriving at a substitute version maybe good, but what does really "substitute" means?


Sen. Marcos in a consultation he made last Saturday in Tubod, Lanao del Norte with LGU officials and some NGOs around said "substitute" does not mean he would totally throw the BBL but will just improve it to make it constitutional. But, how? The statement read by his son was clear, he is not for BBL and now contemplating to just amend the Organic Law of ARMM. Does this means another years of peace process? How? Until when?

Many people's consultations, I believe, have brought to the Senator's office various recommendations on how to improve the BBL version but not necessarily watering it down while making it constitutional. How does he view about these people's recommendations?

And is a son allowed to represent a senator on this very crucial issue of the country? is there no other member of his Senate Committee? Or was it more of a personal views and opinion and should not be taken officially? But, the audience are students/youth looking up to our leaders for guidance and wisdom...What do others think?