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EcoHerbs body and massage oils are produced using a special blend of nine traditional herbs organically grown, natural therapeutic essential oils, and virgin coconut oil.

Results from regular use of EcoHerbs oils;

* Aromatherapy for holistic healing of body, mind and spirit
* Easing of muscle and joint pain
* Relieve bloating and discomfort from gas
* Alleviate gastric pain
* Moisturizing of dry skin
* Nourishment for problematic skin
* Reduces body odor
* Ease discomfort caused by fever, flu and colds

Classic is produced mainly as a massage oil and liniment with a base of 20%VCO and 80% coconut oil. The blend naturally stimulates the senses, eases pain, and nourishes the skin while at the same time giving a total soothing experience.

Afterbath is a skin care withmoisturizer and body fragrance and a base of 100% VCO. This is a refreshing body and skin care with a blend that naturally stimulates the senses while nourishing the skin and uplifting the mind, body and spirit.

Bedtime is a skin revitalization and stress reducing massage oil with a base of 100% VCO. This is a relaxing body and massage oil with a blend that naturally revitalizes the skin while relaxing the mind, body and spirit.



Profit from EcoHerbs is used to help fund the work of ECOWEB in providing sustainable livelihoods for farmers and indigenous women and their families.

EcoHerbs body and massage oils are for external use only!

Distributor information for EcoHerb products

Distributorships are available on a consignment basis with the following pricing.

100ml Suggested retail P78.00
50 ml Suggested retail P 45.00

Bedtime & Afterbath
100ml Suggested retail P138.00
50ml Suggested retail P78.00
20 ml Suggested retail P37.00


Wholesale pricing is available. For more information or to apply for a distributorship, please contact:
#009 ToribiaLluch St. Lluch Compound
Camague, Iligan City
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.