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Kiwalan, one of the earliest settlements and oldest Local Government Units of Iligan City, is located in the north-east of the city.  As of 2007 the population was reported as 6,968.  The vast majority of Kiwalan is within the boundaries of Iligan Cement Corporation, which is now owned by La Farge Mining, a company based in France.  This ownership, however, has changed hands a few times, having been owned previously by Blue Circle of England, and before that, by Alcantara Group, a Filipino company.  The site has been the source of much derision in the barangay; concerns about irresponsible practices, as well as poor conditions for the workers, have been raised.  Furthermore, there is a purok within the mine that has refused to sell to the mining company, inhabited by a Maranao family.  Within the mine there are both Maranao and Visayan families working, and there have been issues raised between them as well.  Kiwalan's industry can be attributed to its strategic location, as it sits on the coast of Mindanao, at the entrance to the city.  Other note-worthy companies located in Kiwalan include Pilmico and Granex.  The climate in Kiwalan is warm and humid, and there are regular afternoon rains, which vary from showers to torrential downpours, and can lead to landslides in the upper portion of the barangay, due to the extensive mining therein.


Rogongon is a barangay of Iligan City, located in the south-east of the city.  As of 2007, the population was reported as 5,198.  It is interesting to note that even with such a small population, at 355 square km, it comprises 44% of the whole city.  This is illustrative of the isolation in which many Rogongonons live.  Due to irresponsible logging and mining, they are also threatened daily by severe landslides and flash floods.  Traveling from the exterior, or highest points in Rogongon to the main purok, or market center of the barangay, can take as long as three days.  Vegetable gardening is difficult at best due to the constant landslides, so the people tend to eat fewer vegetables than would be considered healthy.  The average income is not known, but a significant amount of the population are living below the poverty line, and sanitation is very poor.  The main sources of income are farming and illegal logging (i.e., cutting of trees for fuel).  The majority of the inhabitants of Rogongon are Higaunon, an indigenous tribe represented throughout Northern Mindanao.  While most Higaunon in the region - 60% - are Roman Catholic and 25% are Protestant, there have recently been efforts to strengthen the animist practices traditional to the Higaunon people.  The climate is cooler than in other parts of Iligan City, but as noted above, there are daily afternoon rain showers for the majority of the year, and these can be quite extreme.